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05 February 2012

Youth from Poltava, Ukraine visited Auschwitz complex

Members of Euroclub from PNVK “Parostok” are involved into a detailed study of World War II History. The team of volunteers conduct tours on exhibition “Anne Frank: Lessons of History” for city students.

In order to deepen their knowledge volunteers visited the memorial complex of Auschwitz-Birkenau located at the territory of the largest Nazi concentration camps in Poland.

19 January 2012

Youth meets in India to foresight the common future

From 29 March to 1 April reserve your time to participate in India Youth Forum 2012, which will be a meetingplace for young people aiming to create a better and more sustainable future, not only for ourselves but for our descendants.

India Youth Forum is the brainchild of the Youth Time Movement, a group of young activists from across 11 countries who have taken it as their mission to craft a new future through active campaigning and dialogue. Their fundamental goal is to motivate and empower the youth of the world.

31 December 2011

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28 December 2011

How does it feel to live without freedom - new Facebook app by European Parliament

The European Parliament has launched an application on Facebook called "Without Freedom", which simulates the absence of human rights, focusing on freedom of expression among users.

It is an initiative designed with the objective of defending freedom of expression as fundamental human right, especially in the context of current Internet technology, which starts playing an important role in the evolution of social dynamics.

20 December 2011

Youth in Moldova saves nature as part of learning European and local values

EuroClub "United European Youth" is always active and constantly looking for new opportunities to engage youth in more intense socio-cultural and educational projects that will bring new experience for young people, and with this capital make their future brighter and achievement even more spectacular.

On 27/11/11 in Moldovan city Cahul a sanitation action was done by a group of young activists called EuroClub "United European Youth", aimed at promoting traditional values ​​as well as European ones among youth.

19 December 2011

Roundtable in Minsk on Teaching EU at Schools

On 5 January 2012 a roundtable "On the EU at School: experience, prospects, challenges" will take place in the capital of Belarus.

Organiser: Public Union “Education Center “POST” is organization of the sphere of non-formal education. It was established on April 6th 1997.

17 December 2011

Polish Robert Schuman Foundation - leader in Euroclubs movement

In the European Union there are over 3,000 informal clubs, gathering youth and adults interested in European integration. SECs, together with less numerous NGOs are often the only centers of pro-European activities in local communities.

Polish Robert Schuman Foundation is in constant contact with more than 1,000 clubs in 13 EU countries.